HKS GT800 Full Turbo Kit 11003-AN011 - 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35
HKS GT800 Full Turbo Kit 11003-AN011 - 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35
HKS GT800 Full Turbo Kit 11003-AN011 - 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35

HKS GT800 Full Turbo Kit 11003-AN011, 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35


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GT800 Full Turbo Kit with “Symmetrical Twin Turbo Layout” designed to increase R35 Nissan GT-R engine performance to over 800 horsepower. Produces over 50% more power and torque compared to OEM. Unlike most kits that use large inefficient turbos that produce unctrollable horsepower and torque, this kit is designed to provide a controlled, OEM-plus feel. HKS designed this kit to provide consistent power gains across the entire rpm range, allowing your car to maintain its daily driver abilities. The GT800 Turbine Kit is designed to improve low-end, mid-range, and high-end performance, making this the ultimate kit for drivers who controlled, earth-rattling power both on the street and on the track.

R35 GTR goes to the ultimate speed range…
For the ultimate performance, HKS’ in-house design and manufacturing GT II Turbine with “Symmetry Twin Turbo Layout” with the latest technology made it. As the total performance products manufacturer, HKS does not just develop a product, but has done a lot of field tests with combination of various products so that anybody in the world can achieve more than 800 horsepower. It can be offered as total vehicle performance products package.

-HKS’ in-house design and manufacturing “Special GT II Turbine” was developed exclusively for this turbine kit. These special designed GTII Turbines enables to utilize the ideal symmetry layout of the normal and reverse revolution turbines.
-To prevent heat problem, “Special heat resistance cast metal exhaust manifold” was developed.
-Piping for oil and water was exclusively designed for R35 GT-R to be more durable to use in high temperature.
-Compact & lightweight GT II Wastegate enables precision boost pressure

The engine must be removed in order to install this kit.
This kit does not include the following parts: Fuel Pumps, Injectors, EVC, engine parts and Engine Management such as the HKS F-CON.
Upgrading the engine internals is necessary when using this kit at high engine outputs.
The boost pressure setting for the provided Wastegates is approximately 90 to 95 kPa (13 to 13.8 PSI).
The factory water pipe must be modified.
The factory Turbocharger heat insulator must be modified.
This kit was developed exclusively for off-road race use only. HKS will not be responsible for engine and/or transmission damage caused by the use of this kit.
This kit must be used without the catalytic converters. Because of this, the vehicle cannot be driven on any public roads or highways.
Any vehicle with this kit installed may void the factory manufacturer’s warranty.

Applicable Models:
Nissan GT-R (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

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