Weigh Safe 10" Drop Hitch, 2.5" Shank, w/Key Lock & Hitch Pin
Weigh Safe 10" Drop Hitch, 2.5" Shank, w/Key Lock & Hitch Pin
Weigh Safe 10" Drop Hitch, 2.5" Shank, w/Key Lock & Hitch Pin
Weigh Safe 6" Drop Hitch, 2" Shank, w/Key Lock & Hitch Pin
Weigh Safe 6" Drop Hitch, 2" Shank, w/Key Lock & Hitch Pin

Weigh Safe 10″ Drop Hitch, 2.5″ Shank, w/Key Lock & Hitch Pin


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  • Towing weight capacity: 14,500 lbs (2 5/16″ ball)
  • Drop hitch adjusts in 1″ increments
  • Aircraft grade billet aluminum


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Adjustable Aluminum Trailer Hitch & Ball Mount w/Built-in Scale, 2 Stainless Steel Balls (2″ & 2-5/16″) Keyed Alike Key Lock and Hitch Pin. 10-inch Drop Hitch w/ 2.5-inch Shaft.

Please make sure you have a 2.5″ X 2.5″ receiver on your vehicle.

2.5 in. x 2.5 in. receivers are used on heavy duty trucks, also known as Class V hitches.

  • Most 3/4-Ton Pickups manufactured after 2008 (Ford F-250 Super Duty, Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, & RAM 2500)
  • Most Full-Ton Pickups manufactured after 2008 (Ford F-350 Super Duty, Chevy Silverado 3500 HD, & RAM 3500+)

Towing weight capacity (GTW): 14,500 lbs. on the 2 5/16″ ball and 8,000 LBS on the 2″ ball
Max Tongue Capacity: 2,200 lbs
Drop Hitch Adjustment: 1” increments
Ball material: Stainless steel
Pin: Dual pin key lock assembly included
Rise: All hitches may be used in rise position *Gain 1 inch (e.g. 4” drops are 5” rises)
Hitch Pin Hole: 5/8″ Diameter

  • Tongue weight scale built into the ball mount platform helps you balance your trailer
    • Promotes safe towing – lets you know if your load needs to be adjusted before you tow
    • Simple operation – automatically provides a measurement every time you couple your trailer
    • Efficient and hassle-free – eliminates the need for separate or commercial scales
  • 6061 T6 billet aluminum shank and mounting platform provide superior strength and durability
    • Solid block construction provides greater strength than hollow steel competitors while also maintaining a light weight
    • Rustproof for a clean finish that stands the test of time


Our built-in high strength stainless steel scale makes managing your trailer’s weight distribution both safer for you and your family by ensuring a properly balanced trailer load and simple by instantaneously providing a tongue weight measurement every time you couple your trailer. This eliminates the need to purchase additional tongue weight scales, which can cost you hundreds of dollars, and increases the speed at which you properly set up your trailer.

When you buy a Weigh Safe product you can expect it to outlast your truck. With the highest quality materials and expert engineering this product will not only get the job done but look good while doing it. Milled stainless steel hitch balls and aircraft grade aluminum will ensure that professional look, week after week and job after job.

HEAVY-DUTY TOWING CAPACITY: Made of solid 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum this hitch is as tough as they come. This ball mount boasts a towing capacity (GTW) of 10,000 lbs. while using the 2 5/16″ ball and 8,000 LBS while using the 2″ ball, and is capable at towing with a 1,500lbs. max tongue weight

ADJUSTABLE BALL MOUNT: This drop length is a dream come true, allowing you to tow trailers of different heights with the same vehicle. The drop hitch adjusts in 1″ increments, so you get the perfect fit every time. The 180 Hitch Stainless Steel Edition comes standard with a double (lock-in) pin for extra support and strength. Fits 2” Receivers which are found on all half-ton trucks (F-150, Chevy 1500, Ram 1500, Titan, etc.) and SUV’s

WEIGH SAFE ADJUSTABLE BALL MOUNT WITH HYDRAULIC TONGUE WEIGHT GAUGE: Introducing the Weigh Safe Adjustable Ball Mount, the Best-Looking/Rugged drop hitch on the market. The Weigh Safe with an ACCURATE Tongue Weight Gauge, easy adjustment, and heavy-duty towing capacity is designed to function perfectly with all of your trailers in order to satisfy all your towing needs. The 180 Hitch is the definition of adaptability and ease, with an array of hitch ball sizes, and premium aluminum and Stainless Steel components for long-lasting clean look. From the Farmyard to the Construction Site, this Adjustable Ball Mount has been designed from the ground up to exceed your needs. With Ratings Gross Trailer Weight Ratings up to 21,000 we provide a product for each and every one of your needs. With the highly accurate Tongue Weight Gauge you will no longer to to guess whether your trailer has been properly loaded or not, giving you Towing Peace of Mind.

The Weigh Safe Drop Hitch is the one and only trailer hitch with a built-in scale that signals you to adjust your load before you hit the road, resulting in a much safer and enjoyable towing experience. Before this ball mount, gauging your trailer’s tongue weight was a hassle. You had to rely on inefficient bathroom scales, make a trip to the weigh station, or purchase a separate tongue weight scale. But with the Weigh Safe’s built-in scale, measuring your tongue weight is as easy as coupling your trailer to your ball mount. Simply hook-up your trailer to the Weigh Safe ball mount just as you would any other ball mount. The weight of your trailer will push down on the hitch ball, which in turn pushes down on an internal hydraulic piston that sits on a bed of oil. When the piston drops into the oil, the pressure reading is sent out to the scale.

How it Works

What is tongue weight and why is it important?
Tongue weight (TW) refers to the weight that the fully loaded trailer exerts downward on the hitch ball of the tow vehicle. Tongue weight is typically 10 percent – and should not exceed 15 percent – of your gross trailer weight. For example, a 10,000-lb trailer should have a tongue weight between 1,000 lbs and 1,500 lbs. You can adjust the tongue weight of your trailer by removing or adding cargo, or redistributing the load on the trailer. The tongue weight should not exceed the capacity of your tow vehicle, your hitch, or any of your towing components.

Simply put, too little tongue weight can cause trailer sway and too much tongue weight can cause the tow vehicle to perform poorly. You may have difficulty steering, gaining traction, or braking when driving a setup that has too much weight pushing down on the rear of the vehicle. Ultimately, towing with an improper tongue weight can cause you to lose control of your vehicle or cause your trailer to separate from the vehicle.

Weigh Safe is the towing industry’s leader for Towing Peace of Mind. The Weigh Safe Drop Hitch, constructed of solid billet aluminum and stainless steel, is the only adjustable Ball Mount available with a built-in scale which provides an instantaneous readout of your vehicular tongue weight. This measurement allows you to adjust your load before you hit the road, resulting in a much safer towing experience. With weight ratings ranging from 10,000 lbs to 21,000 lbs our ball mounts are designed to exceed the needs of our customers. Our adjustable ball mount with built in scale is simple to operate and automatically provides a tongue weight measurement every time you couple your trailer, eliminating the need for separate and often difficult to operate commercial scales. When placed in your vehicle’s receiver and attached to your trailer, the weight of your trailer’s coupler will push down on the tow ball, which in turn pushes down on an internal hydraulic piston that rests on a bed of industrial hydraulic oil. When the piston applies pressure to the industrial hydraulic oil, the pressure reading is displayed on the high strength stainless steel gauge. This measurement will allow you to adjust your load to achieve the 10-15% GTW (Gross Trailer Weight) that is required to be placed on your ball mount while towing. This will help eliminate both Trailer Sway, the leading cause of towing related fatalities in the USA, and jack knifing which greatly reduces the ability of your vehicle to react while on the road. This ball mount includes both a 2” & 2-5/16” tow ball allowing it to be utilized with a wide variety of trailers and applications. The adjustable height allows you the flexibility to tow a variety of trailers with a variety of vehicles. With the built-in flexibility this will be the last ball mount you will ever own. This adjustable ball mount also may be used in the rise position up to the ball mount’s maximum height. Not towing? No problem! Just pull off the slider.


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 10 x 5in

Weigh Safe

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