Zone Offroad® 6" Lift System, 5" Rear Springs (Nitro Shocks) 13-18 RAM
Zone Offroad® 6" Lift System, 5" Rear Springs (Nitro Shocks) 13-18 RAM

Zone Offroad® 6″ Lift System, 5″ Rear Springs (Nitro Shocks) 13-18 RAM


  • CNC Machined Steering Knuckles
  • Includes Nitro Shocks & Diff skid plate
  • 6″ Front Lift, 5″ Rear Springs


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Key Features:
Front top strut spacer and preload spacer
Maintains handling and ride charateristics and works with factory stability control
Includes a 5″ rear lift spring for a “Tail High” stance (a 3″ rear lift spring version of this kit is also available if you’d prefer a level rear end)
Heavy-duty differential skid slate improves offroad protection.
High-strength, CNC machined, replacement steering knuckles improve strength while correcting steering angles.
Corrects suspension, steering, and driveline geometry for great on-road handling and improved off-road performance.

14-18 Dodge/Ram Ram 1500 4WD Diesel
13-18 Dodge/Ram Ram 1500 4WD Gas

Important Notes!
Fitment: Does NOT work with all wheel drive (AWD) models.
Fitment: This kit is not recommended for TRX models. CV shaft vibration will occur on TRX models unless the TRX struts are replaced with standard struts. Instead, consider our 4″ lift system for about 5″ of TRX lift.
Fitment: Will NOT fit adjustable air suspension (air-ride) equipped models.
Fitment: Does not fit eco-diesel models. Front drive shaft WILL fail prematurely
Lift Block Selection: These trucks are typically between 1″ and 3″ tail high from the factory. Please measure your trucks factory front-to-back ride height and order the rear lift height to achieve the desired stance. If closer to 1″ tail high from the factory order the 5″ rear coils for a more level stance. If closer to 3″ tail high from the factory order the 3″ rear coils for a more level stance.
Stock 17″ wheels CAN NOT be re-installed. Stock 20″ can be re-installed with factory tire.

Front Lift Height: 6″
Front Lift Method: Upper Strut Mounts
Rear Lift Height: 3″ / 5″
Rear Lift Method: Coil Springs
Install Time Hrs: 8-10
Difficulty Level 1-5: 3
Wheel Size: 17 x 9
Back Spacing: 4.5″
Max Tire Size: 37×12.50
Wheel Size: 18×9
Back Spacing: 5″
Max Tire Size: 37×12.50
Wheel Size: 20×9
Back Spacing: 5″
Max Tire Size: 37×12.50

The main components of the Zone Offroad 6″ Suspension Lift Kit System are front and rear crossmembers, strut spacers, and sway bar links that work together with the new extended steering knuckles and replacements tie rod ends. These components are designed to maintain proper handling characteristics and work with the factory traction control system. Unique to this system from the 09-11 models is an all new differential relocation system specifically designed for 2012+ front differential housing. A differential skid plate is included for added strength and protection for trips off the beaten path.

Since many of the vehicles tested by Zone Offroad had a significant tail high stance from the factory this 6″ lift kit system comes standard with 3″ rear coil springs to help level the vehicle. Zone Offroad also offers a 5″ rear lift depending on your desired stance. It’s best to measure your truck before ordering to determine how much rear lift is needed to give your truck the attitude you intend to. Both the 3 and 5 inch rear lift systems include upper control arm relocation brackets to avoid unwanted pinion movement under load.

Make your Dodge Ram 1500 4WD stand out with a brand new, quality, yet affordable 6″ suspension lift from Zone Offroad and be glad you did.


D41N Lift Kit 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

2013 Ram 1500 4WD
2014 Ram 1500 4WD
2015 Ram 1500 4WD
2016 Ram 1500 4WD
2017 Ram 1500 4WD
2018 Ram 1500 4WD

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