Genuine TOKICO Struts: Made in Japan

3 Comments proudly carries the “HP” and “Illumina” strut lines made by Tokico- the world’s most notable Japanese strut manufacturer. Simply search for “Tokico” in the search field at the top of the site to browse our selection of high quality Tokico struts. Tokico struts are designed to improve the following aspects of your Z’s suspension: traction, stability, steering response, cornering ability, braking ability, overall ride quality, shock and strut longevity, body roll, squat under acceleration, dive under braking, reduced friction, suspension bottoming, and pitch during straight-ahead driving.

Feel free to email us directly if you have questions about any Tokico product, or if you need a Tokico strut that is not listed on our site.

3 replies on “Genuine TOKICO Struts: Made in Japan

  • Greg

    I installed HP struts on my ’72 240z and the ride has dramatically improved. Keep in mind there’s also the option of KYB struts which are a cheaper alternative if you don’t need the cream of the crop.

  • admin

    We appreciate your input. KYB struts are also available for purchase on this site if anyone is interested in that alternative.

  • Magdy


    I would like to inquire about tokico rear struts with Springs for Mitsubishi lancer 1998 and the shipping cost to Egypt.

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