TeraFlex™ Shocks, Suspension, and Lift Kits

Falcon Sport Leveling Shock Absorber System, 2005+ Tacoma

The Perfect Lift from a Leading Line

TeraFlex is a leading name in Jeep suspensions and lift kits that even professional off-roaders can count on. For many years, they’ve been providing shocks, full kits, accessories and components that are easy to fit, manage and upgrade with at your leisure. We’re proud to host the TeraFlex product line as part of our online catalog.

TeraFlex’s main appeal lies in the fact that you receive a top-quality, custom-made lift kit or shock kit at fraction of what you’d normally expect from a high-quality parts manufacturer. This US-based company ensures rigorous testing of all of their kits before final release, meaning you know you are never buying anything less than top notch.

When it comes to giving your jeep or other 4×4 that little bit of extra lift or balance, you’re going to need strength, and a perfect fit. While it’s not always easy to hunt down the best bits and pieces to enhance or upgrade the lift on your vehicle, TeraFlex strives to give you everything you need in a series of different packages. Whether it be individual shock kits, full suspension kits, wheels, coil springs, sway bars, steering stabilizers, track bars, or shock skid plates/guards, the TeraFlex product line provides solutions for every project. If you’re just getting started with off-road upgrades on your truck or Jeep, or if you’re looking for a new way to take your ride to the next level, you’re bound to find a great kit in the TeraFlex catalog.

Why Purchase TeraFlex from TotalZParts.com?

TotalZParts is an online dealer that is fully authorized to sell TeraFlex products and kits. This means we work closely with the manufacturer to bring you the most state of the art lift kits and accessories, and continually adding new products as they expand to newer applications. We’re thrilled to be able to work with this brand – they’ve made a big name for themselves in a short period of time, and as such, we intend to keep bringing you their best pieces and parts as and when they become available.

As a trusted retailer, you can also rely on our professional guarantees and services, too. We’ll help you find the best components for your application, and help you get the lift and balance you need in the quickest time possible. If you need help with warranties on any TeraFlex purchases, or if you’re unsure which will work best for your 4×4, be sure to reach out and we will line up a solution for you.

Premium Falcon Shock Kits

A great plus point to using TeraFlex parts is the fact that you’ll have access to some of the brand’s best-known lines. Arguably, some of the most well-known shocks in the off-roading industry are their line of Falcon Performance Shocks. These premium off road shocks are designed with both fitment and versatility in mind, resulting in great ride quality both on and off road.

The Falcon lineup is comprised of the Series 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback with 10 damping adjustment settings, the preset Series 3.1 Piggyback Shocks, and the preset Series 2.1 Monotube Shocks. If you opt for the high-end 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback shocks, you’ll benefit from 10 damping adjustment settings for ultimate control of your suspension stiffness; this especially comes in handy when you’re on a trip where you might be switching from smooth roads to rough off-road trails. Each Series 3.3 shock’s damping can be adjusted with 2 knobs: A fast adjust knob with 3 compression settings (for large damping adjustments), and a micro position dial with 8 compression settings for more fine-tuned, incremental damping adjustments.

If you’re on a budget and don’t need the fine-tuning abilities of the 3.3 Fast Adjust series, you can opt for the Series 3.1 Piggyback or Series 2.1 Monotube Shocks, which are designed with preset damping that is optimized for great ride quality and versatility during on and off-road driving.

Full Lift Kits: Clear the Ground with Quality & Style

What you’ll immediately notice with TeraFlex’s full lift kits is that they are designed and grouped together to give you a custom-tailored experience in one package, depending on your vehicle’s precise requirements. There’s never any need to fumble around for accessories or parts that you’d normally need to purchase separately. With the ST3 series suspension lift kits from TeraFlex, for example, you can expect a variety of sway bars, track bars, control arms, bump stops, and shock absorbers to get you off the ground properly.

Of course, if it’s a simple body lift you’re after on your Jeep Wrangler JK, TeraFlex provides a simple 1.25 inch body lift kit packages with all the bits and pieces you need – at great quality and an affordable price. Simply search for the best kit to fit your specific jeep or 4×4, and you’ll have access to a custom-made kit ready to get you and your truck up sitting exactly where you want it.

If you already have shocks and simply need a more barebones kit to get your Jeep or truck sitting at a given height, you can always rely on a TeraFlex coil spring base lift kit to get the job done without breaking the bank. Available mostly for Jeep Wranglers, these coil spring base kits lift your vehicle with included heavy duty coil springs, bump stops, front/rear swaybar links, and other necessary hardware for a proper install. Since some newer Wrangler models may require exhaust spacers (for proper driveshaft clearance) or brake line relocation kits, we make those available separately in case you need to add those items to your order. What we really like about TeraFlex is the fact that they think of every scenario and don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, because they know that a good quality lift kit requires attention to detail. The engineers at TeraFlex work harder than most to develop separate kits for different needs.

That goes for leveling, too. Need to get your Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, or Dodge Ram balanced and steady on the flats as well as the dirt? There’s always going to be a high quality TeraFlex leveling kit to get the job done. Just filter through the products we have available, and you can select the lift you want in a matter of minutes – right out of the box.

We Only Work With The Best

At TotalZParts.com, you have our complete assurance that we only ever work with brands, manufacturers and suppliers who offer the very best in the business, and back their products with warranties that give customers piece of mind. We understand that hobbyists and professionals are all looking for quick, easy and painless ways to lift and balance. That’s a given.

TeraFlex is therefore one of our favorite brands for sheer variety and scope. No matter whether it’s a Jeep, Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet or Ford, just take a look through what we have on offer and you’ll likely find the perfect fit in no time.

Again, do also keep in mind that we strive to keep the latest and greatest of all TeraFlex products in our catalog, ready to go. Can’t find what you need? Reach out to our team and we’ll point you in the right direction as soon as we can.