Off Road Lighting That Goes The Distance

Rigid Industries is a leading brand in the world of off-road lighting. Distributing a wide array of off-road LEDs, spot lights, fog lights and more, the brand is known for its global appeal and its incredible innovations.

Rigid has roots that lie all the way back in 2006. The brand and company is the brainchild of Jason Christiansen, the retired MLB star who decided to start turning his hobby into a major venture. Struggling to optimize lighting for his own Polaris Ranger, Christiansen started working with technology that changed the game completely – and the answer to his off-road lighting woes was not so much in the tech used, but the shape and delivery.

Off-Road Lighting

Rigid Industries changed the game for off-road lighting when it came to the shape and look of standard issue fixtures. Their landmark products were generally square or rectangular, which at the time of release was certainly something of a diversion – to the point where it may even have been considered disruptive.

Since that time, the Rigid line of innovations has expanded significantly, with a wide variety of high radiance, multi-purpose lighting that fixes to the front and rear of pickup trucks. Beyond lighting, Rigid Industries also specializes in custom grilles for trucks and other vehicles.

Why Choose for Rigid Industries Products? is proud to be a recognized and partnered retailer of the latest and best products available in the Rigid Industries line. As a recognized and authorized dealership, we provide a wide selection of the manufacturer’s products, ensuring that our customers get prime picks of the best accessory lighting, headlight tech and off-road lighting available.

Rigid is a brand that we have immense confidence in. Despite the off-road and pickup lighting industry having expanded massively since the company’s inception, their engineers are continuing to innovate based on evolving needs on the highway. However, Rigid Industries is not only a US brand, with a focus on worldwide sales and support.

We aim to provide the latest and most popular innovations and products from Rigid’s studios at prices that our drivers can feasibly afford. A Rigid lighting system is one that we are confident you can rely on for many years to come, and whether you need signal lights, headlights or even a custom grille, this is a brand we will always be ready to recommend.

Choosing TotalZParts for your Rigid Industries technology means you are purchasing high-end technology from an experienced retailer, and one which works closely with manufacturers to supply to customers all over the US. We hand-pick products from Rigid which we think will work wonders for our drivers – theirs really is a line you should take the time to explore regardless of your lighting preferences or needs.

Wide Beams, Wide Choices

What really stands out to us – as well as our customers – is the fact that Rigid Industries supports such a huge range of lighting solutions. Their primary focus in the most popular end of their catalog is their LED innovation – which is clear and present in their famous E-Series bars.

Their E-Series PRO LED driving bars, for example, are premium kits that offer premium lighting. These are personal floodlights for your pickup that offer incredible illumination and pathfinding, available in a handful of sizes to fit your specific needs and demands. For example, you may only need the 10” E-Series bar as a starter but may choose to upgrade to the industry-leading 20” E-Series PRO in time.

Of course, it’s well worth taking a look at Rigid’s Radiance Pods, too. These affordable pod lighting solutions arrive in dual packs and offer color backing, meaning you can enhance your pickup with white, red, amber or blue hues. Crucially, while Rigid’s tech is fantastic at helping to light the way in the first instance, you can also rely on them massively for LEDs with personality, charm and boundless character.

Beyond specialist off-road lighting, Rigid is also known for their standardized upgrades, meaning they support a large array of innovations in headlights, brake lights, indicators and more. Their 4×4 lighting is at the forefront of their innovation, but their powerful truck lighting standards should also be carefully considered if you are struggling to find your way in the dark!

Why Choose Rigid Industries?

As the name suggests, Rigid Industries producer solutions which are hard-wearing, dependable, and which are built for heavy-duty use. This means you can always depend on their tech to weather difficult terrain, extensive off-roading, and in situations where standardized lighting and protections may not necessarily work so well.

Rigid’s technology was born out of necessity, and a time when lighting technology and other features were barely innovative. To that end, the company and line has always remained at the forefront of technological evolution. We love Rigid Industries for their willing to always look creatively at 4×4 problems and look beyond the mainstream to challenge customer perceptions.

Rigid Industries products are popular thanks to their visual appeal as well as their unique capabilities. While many of their lighting solutions and fixtures are premium installations, they will weather years to come with careful use. What’s more, a Rigid product is one you can safely install, maintain and manage with bare notice. Once you set up with a Rigid lighting rig, you are good to go.

As such, we are always closely working with the Rigid team to provide their latest creations and their challenges to the wider market. We listen carefully to what you, our customers, need – and it’s clear that Rigid Industries do more than enough to support the wider populace.

Stick with TotalZParts and you’ll find a rolling catalog of amazing lighting and custom grille solutions that you can rely on for years to come. If you are unafraid of going beyond the mainstream to enhance your pickup, then you’ll likely find the Rigid Industries range hugely appealing.

Take a look through our catalog online now and let us know if you have any queries in the meantime!