2021 Year End Rebates: Bully Dog & SCT Programmers

SCT® X4™ Programmer Tuner Ford F-150 Trucks V6 V8 EcoBoost

For purchases made between November 1st to December 31st, 2021, all Bully Dog & SCT tuners are eligible for manufacturer rebates of up to $80! These are the largest rebates the manufacturer has ever offered. Purchase your Bully Dog or SCT performance programmer from TotalZParts.com by December 31st, 2021 and submit your proof of purchase by January 10, 2022 to receive your rebate gift card. See below for different rebate amounts on on the full line of Bully Dog & SCT products.

Bully Dog Rebate Form
SCT Rebate Form

LiveWire TS+ (5015P, 5416P) = $80
BDX (40470, 40490): $45
X4 (7015, 7416, 7215) = $40
GT Gas (40417): $40
GT Diesel (40420): $40
Livewire Vision Monitor (5015PWD) = $40

SCT and Bully Dog programmers allow you to back up the factory tune on your vehicle’s PCM, and write a new performance program that enhances your engine’s power output and efficiency. For gas vehicles, the pre-loaded tunes are based on fuel octane level (87, 91, and 93 octane), with the highest octane allowing for the biggest horsepower and torque gains. For diesel vehicles, most devices have “street”, “performance”, “tow” and “extreme” tunes pre-loaded, which optimize your diesel’s power output depending on your preferred driving parameters. Finally, these devices will allow you to individually adjust various options. These adjustable options include speedometer calibration (for tire size changes), axle ratio, rev limiter, speed limiter, transmission shift points, transmission shift firmness, AFM/DoD (Active Fuel Management, otherwise known as Displacement on Demand), spark timing, idle speed, and more. Please note that the available adjustable options vary depending on the year, model and engine of your car or truck, so be sure to ask us which options are available if you’re purchasing to make a specific adjustment.