Tonneau Covers: How to Choose the Best Truck Bed Cover

BAK 39330 Revolver X2 Hard Roll-up Tonneau Cover 2017-18 Ford Super Duty (6' 9" Bed)

When it comes to protecting your pickup, you should always be thinking about your tonneau. This is the open tray or space to the back of your vehicle. While it might not seem as though this is particularly at risk, it makes sense to not only protect it against any would-be wrongdoing, but also the weather.

Therefore, you will likely do well looking into tonneau cover comparisons to make sure that your truck is fully protected. But where do you even start when it comes to setting up a tonneau covers comparison? What types of tonneau cover are likely to work best for you?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what you need to know when searching for that best bed cover, and how the different types of truck bed covers may adapt to your specific vehicle or needs.

What’s the Best Tonneau Cover?

There’s no one set of tonneau covers or truck bed covers that are perfect for everyone. The needs of one pickup driver will differ to the next, and that’s often as a result of the size and type of vehicle they’re driving.

However, the best truck bed covers should all give you some form of guarantee when it comes to the absolute security basics.

For example, some truck bed covers will be better at keeping things safe and secure. Others will upgrade the look of your vehicle entirely. Ideally, you should be able to remove and reattach your tonneau covers with ease.

That said, there are multiple types of bed covers and tonneau covers out there. No one or two options are overall ‘the best’, so let’s take a look at what you’re going to need to know to hunt down the right picks for you.

What to Look for in a Tonneau / Truck Bed Cover

You’ll find that truck bed covers come in hard and soft options. Soft covers, as you’d imagine, are lighter and easier to set up. However, hard tonneau covers are preferred by many as they offer fantastic security and protection against the elements.

Of course, you should also carefully look at the way a bed cover attaches and removes from your tonneau. Some roll, some fold, some cap, and some retract.

When choosing between covers, you should look for a truck bed cover that offers you a seamless, upgraded look or aesthetic for your pickup and one that provides fantastic security. This means you can easily leave tools and valuables in the bed or tonneau of your truck with the cover protecting it overnight, or while you are away. The security of a hard folding, locking bed cover is a big plus for many truck owners, as it means they can confidently leave heavy duty items, sensitive or otherwise, in their truck beds without fear of them going missing or getting stolen.

What’s more, you may even be able to upgrade and enhance the tonneau of your pickup with a rack or two. This means that if you need additional storage capabilities, you will already have the base for innovation and wider support right there, ready to go.

Above all, you should look for bed covers that protect your pickup and its contents from the elements. Weather can wreak havoc – rain, wind, UV, even dust – all can damage your truck and anything you have in it.

The most secure tonneau cover options hard folding aluminium covers or a rigid one-piece cap; these designs are tough, seal tightly, and can only be opened when the tailgate is unlocked.

Rolling Tonneau / Truck Bed Cover

Roll up tonneau covers tend to be some of the most popular available on the wider market; that’s generally thanks to their ease of installation, affordable price, and everyday protection. Soft rolling or roller truck bed cover systems are ideal for family vehicles, though perhaps less so for those pickups used for sensitive cargo or business purposes.

The soft rolling option is extremely lightweight and easy to manage, making it one of the foremost popular types of truck bed covers for those who don’t want to have to handle anything too heavy or complex.

Because roll up covers may not be the most secure tonneau cover option when it comes to keeping sensitive products and cargo safe, you may want to look at purchasing a solid cover.

Hard Rolling Tonneau / Truck Bed Cover

A hard rolling tonneau cover is just as easy to manage as your soft rolling system, but it naturally offers that little bit more in the way of rigidity, protection and dependability.

These options tend to be great for drivers who are likely to be transporting various pieces of equipment or even smaller vehicles around with them. They tend to combine a rugged construction and build with incredible ease of use and flexibility, making them some of the most appealing choices. If you’re looking for a premium rolling tonneau cover option, we even stock motorized electric covers that open and close with the touch of a button.

Just roll your bed cover back and forth as and when you need to. Soft covers are great, but for better overall protection, a hard roll design is going to be a better pick.

Folding Tonneau / Truck Bed Cover

A folding tonneau cover or truck bed cover, much like rolling systems, arrive either in hard or soft, meaning that you can choose tougher protection or a more lightweight solution – the choice is yours. Folding covers tend to work brilliantly for those drivers who are unlikely to need to keep peeling their covers back and forth too often. They are great all-around solutions that require little effort, but provide maximum results.

Finding the best tonneau covers for you doesn’t mean you always have to go with the pack. Consider how often you use your pickup, and what you are likely to store in your bed or tonneau. These two factors alone should help you hunt down that ideal choice sooner rather than later, meaning you can easily budget ahead. Take a look at what’s out there!