LED Lights Built to Last

Are you looking for a new set of high beams for your 4×4 or truck? Vision X Lighting is one of the leading names in US truck lighting engineering, offering a wide array of heavy-duty, versatile LED light bars, light pods, headlights, auxiliary lights and accessories to fit almost any off-roading need.

Vision X is a brand that started life in 1997 and is still going strong today at their headquarters in Auburn, Washington. Vision X’s main product line appeal, and overall mission, lies in their fantastic, piercing light engineering. A Vision X product is a sure-fire solution to cut through the darkness, dust, and weather elements. These are off-road lighting products that are not only built to last, but that are built to deliver unbeatable vision and clarity in almost any environment.

Vision X offers intensive lighting support to more than just the off-road or 4×4 market. They design, manufacture and engineer lighting solutions for industries as diverse as fire rescue, construction, agriculture, and forestry commission. You’ll even find Vision X lights fitted to some marine and underwater discovery vehicles!

If it can cut through the darkest of waters, you’d better know that a Vision X high beam unit for your truck is going to light up the road ahead for years to come.

Why Buy Vision X Lighting from TotalZParts.com?

TotalZParts is thrilled to be a licensed partner with Vision X Lighting. As mentioned, Vision X engineering and lighting products have firm homes in some of our essential rescue and discovery vehicles across the US. What’s good for these industries, can only be fantastic for our private off-road customers.

We aim to stock the latest innovations and product lines available from Vision X. This is a brand that continues to push the envelope as far as intensive lighting solutions are concerned, with kits that are growing easier to install without the need for mechanic or engineer support. Vision X’s goal has always been to revolutionize the effectiveness and efficiency of mainstream lighting solutions, and for that reason, we will always be pleased to stock their premium products.

Looking for an LED light bar? What about all-terrain flood beams? No matter where you take your off-road or pickup, you’re going to need to light the way. Don’t settle for factory-standard beams or cheap generic light bars. Take the chance to upgrade to industry-leading, heavy-duty light rigs that can cut through even the thickest of fog and the darkest of nights.

A Fantastic Range of Lighting Support

You only need to take a quick look at the incredible product support available from Vision X to see what kind of innovation you are dealing with. Some of their smallest lights, like the Solstice Solos and Prime flood and spot beams, are tiny but mighty. These may seem like little extras for your off-roader or all-terrain vehicle, but the moment you install these units to your 4×4, you’ll see what a difference there is in the quality of your high beam array.

You’ll also find innovations in their popular cannon lighting kits, available in a choice of sizes and shapes to help make illumination that little bit easier to manage. These are lighting units that have been carefully designed and meticulously tested to ensure that you have maximum visibility as well as incredible, piercing light to help guide you through.

Of course, there are also various light bars and units available through Vision X, too, which will help you to set up a piercing grid of beams to help cut your way through low visibility. Not only that, but all Vision X products are designed to look more than appealing, meaning that there will always be 4×4 installations and solutions in their catalogue to suit almost any off-road demand.

Vision X’s premium range of lighting solutions, upgrades and replacement bulbs are likely to remain top of the line for many years to come. We will continue to provide their product lines for as long as their engineers continue to believe in the need for powerful, durable, and versatile lighting solutions!

Powerful, Flexible, Always Reliable

The benefits of Vision X lighting should be clear from the offset. Their products are built and tested for more than everyday use, with heavy-duty manufacture enabling drivers to continue running off-road into the night, amidst flurries of mud, snow and more besides. Intense weather conditions certainly call for extensive measures, and Vision X pivots itself as the leading name in the best innovations on the market.

What really does set Vision X apart from the pack is the fact that their testing measures are second to none. This is a lighting innovator and provider that offers solutions to mission-critical services such as those in the fire service and even those working on behalf of NASA. As Vision X themselves state, these are industries and scenarios where second-guessing your lighting quality really cannot be an option.

Vision X lighting is a one-solution brand. Their products are tested to ensure for rapid change in temperatures as well as to operate in high humidity. There is also the assurance that Vision X products offer high-pressure resilience to IP69K standards, with near-endless durability always likely to be a quintessential part of their lighting design.

Crucially, when you buy a Vision X lighting product, you are investing in some of the most trusted, most intensively tested lighting systems on the planet. TotalZParts is pleased to partner with various leading brands on the off-road market. However, Vision X crosses industry boundaries to bring lighting fabrication that’s built for more than just all-terrain fun. This is lighting that’s built to cut through everything mother nature has to throw at you, be it high temperatures, thick snow, or the darkest of nights.

It’s time to take your off-road lighting seriously. Be sure to shop our full range of Vision X products and reach out to the team with any questions.